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Spanish V
World Languages
This class is conducted in Spanish. This class is for the student who is very enthusiastic and eager to continue their development in using the Spanish language. The college level textbook, Reflejos by Renjilian-Burgy, Mraz, Chiquito, de Darer, is used. This text provides structure for the student to increase their level of proficiency through writing, reading, listening and speaking in the target language and is divided into chapters that are age appropriate and thematic. There is an art component to each chapter, special holidays will be covered and students will watch four Spanish films during the year. The main goal of this course is to piece together what the student already knows and provide them the tools and practice to increase their proficiency level in the target language. Community members who are fluent Spanish speakers are encouraged to contact the instructor to come in and speak with the students about their experience with the language and what is has provided them.