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Honors Horizons Humanities I: ISLANDS

Horizons ISLANDS is an interdisciplinary humanities course rooted in Gardner’s concept of multiple intelligences, designed to provide highly talented ninth graders with an experience in collaborative learning that stretches beyond the classroom and school site. ISLANDS emphasizes the necessary relationship between yourself, a sense of place, experience, and perception as the dynamic for expression and communication, particularly in the creative and descriptive arts: writing, visual arts, music, and photography. The one semester course is grounded in the core adolescent task of learning how to be both separate and connected. To reach that goal, Horizons ISLANDS uses the themes and images of ISLANDS, their history, community development, and physical and emotional properties as a working metaphor for its starting and connecting points. Among other course assignments, two major independent projects completed outside of class time are required.



Humanities & Interdisciplinary Studies

(1)   How do we conceive, formulate, and express an idea so that others can grasp it and apply it in a variety of contexts?

(2)   What are the connections of our past to our present in perceiving, analyzing, and interpreting critical issues and questions?

(3)   In what ways does contemporary culture reflect and contradict the broad sweep of culture from ancient times to the 20th century?

(4)   How have the buildings we used in current urban and rural cultures responded to the changing needs of society and the environment?

Specific Course Outcomes