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Honors Horizons Humanities II: CITIES

Horizons CITIES is a companion interdisciplinary humanities course that bridges explorations from Horizons ISLANDS and/or Horizons ANTHROPOLOGY. It is designed to provide talented ninth and tenth graders another experience in collaborative learning that stretches beyond the classroom and school site. CITIES provides  an opportunity to interconnect the study of sociology, urban planning, architecture, and the usual areas of the humanities, history, philosophy and the arts to arrive at a deeper understanding of the impact of urban living on the American landscape. Focusing in particular on key cities of the northeast and northern New England, CITIES provides the material and means to explore why we choose to live in ways that both connect yet separate us from one another. Students will work in class, meet with experts, investigate CITY planning and development, and develop a working theory about the costs and benefits of urban life. In addition to an array of reading and writing assignments, students will complete two major independent projects.