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AP Physics

AP Physics is designed for students considering a science, mathematics, or engineering major in college. It is a rigorous course that incorporates calculus-based problem solving skills, with the ultimate goal of preparing students for the AP Physics C:Mechanics exam. The course emphasizes experimental applications of physics concepts, developing the skills utilized by physicists to develop mathematical models of the physical world.


The goal of AP Physics C: Mechanics, as defined by the College Board, is to provide an in-depth examination of Newtonian mechanics, focusing both on problem solving and laboratory experiences.  A primary goal is to demonstrate to students the relevance of physics through the use of real-life examples that are relevant to my students’ lives.  In addition, development of inquiry and critical thinking skills is stressed, and students are asked to apply fundamental physics principles to a wide variety of situations. 


Course Outline

            Unit 1               Introduction to Laboratories
            Unit 2               Kinematics
            Unit 3               Uniform Circular Motion
            Unit 4               Newton’s Laws of Motion
            Unit 5               Gravitation
            Unit 6               Angular Kinetics and Dynamics    
            Unit 7               Work, Energy, and Power
            Unit 8               Systems of Particles, Linear Momentum
            Unit 9               Oscillations