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Sustainable Agriculture (Fall)

Sustainable Agriculture is a one-semester science elective for juniors and seniors.  It can be taken alone or in addition to Gardening & Horticulture.    The fall session will focus on topics that relate to plant biology as available light decreases and temperatures get colder.  Some topics include seed growth and harvest, late season flowering species, and growing cold hearty varieties.  In addition, students will take on community service work growing salad greens and herbs for the school cafeteria and forcing bulbs to flower during the holidays.  Opportunities to learn about tropical plants, soil, environmental benefits that plants offer, organic pest management, landscape design and edible and medicinal use of plants will also be explored.  Field trips to local, unique plant communities will enhance learning.  Students will be required to maintain a journal/lab book, participate fully in greenhouse and plant care, complete a self-designed project, and complete lab activities and assessments of knowledge gained.