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Honors Physics

Honors Physics builds physics concepts through the modeling process, building knowledge through the use of experimentation, graphing, and algebra-based mathematics. Hands-on activities and real-life applications of physics are emphasized. Honors Physics provides a strong background for students intending to pursue a life science or non-science major in college; it will fulfill any college’s requirement of a high school lab-based physics course. Primary topics include kinematics, dynamics, energy, and electricity.


Honors Physics Essential Questions 

Unit 0 -  What skills and skills and processes are critical to physics and engineering?

Unit 1 -  What are the Measuring Standards?

Unit 2 - How is Simple Motion Described?

Unit 3 - How is Complex 1-DSimensional Motion Analyzed?

Unit 4 -  How Do Balanced Forces Affect Motion?

Unit 5 - How Do Unbalanced Forces Affect Motion?

Unit 6  - How Is Two-Dimensional Motion Analyzed?

Unit 7 - What if Time Elapsed is Unknown (aka, What does Energy have to do with it)?

Unit 8 - What are the characteristics of Electricity?

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