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AP US History
Social Studies

Advanced Placement United States History concentrates on the post Civil War period to the present; however, considerable time is spent reviewing key material from United States History I, taken in Grade 10, in preparation for the AP test in May. If you do not wish to take the AP test, you should consider taking Honors United States History II since the major purpose of this course is to prepare you for this test. Students who do well on this national test may receive college credit or be excused from basic history courses when they enter college.

Students will be challenged with many in-class document-based essays (DBQ’s) throughout the year although some DBQ’s will be out-of-class assignments. Students who enroll in class should be self-motivated and should be willing to do a substantial amount of reading, writing, speaking, thinking and analyzing. Following the AP test in May, students will work on a current national and/or world research presentation.

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