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World History I
Social Studies

This course focuses on broad developments that characterize world history from the post-classical period (roughly the sixth through the fifteenth centuries C.E.) through the early modern period (roughly the fifteenth through the eighteenth centuries C.E.). The theme of movement of goods, people, and ideas is stressed throughout the course, using relevant examples from multiple regions in the world across the entire time span. The first quarter focuses particularly upon the post-classical period, with specific attention to the rise and spread of Islam and the rise and spread of Mongol society during this period. The second quarter focuses on the emergence of modern western society in Europe from the Renaissance through the French Revolution, and the impact of the expansion of European countries during the Age of Exploration and settlement. A variety of student-centered activities featuring critical thinking, writing, researching, interviewing and presenting are incorporated into the class. Students will be expected to complete both short- and long-term assignments out of class.