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Tech Theater B: Light! Sound!
Visual and Performing Arts


What happens behind-the-scenes in a production? 

How can a show be enhanced by the quality of technical production? 

What are the basics of lighting design?

How is lighting used to enhance a stage production?

How is sound re-enforced in the theater?

Discovering what goes on behind the scenes in a theatrical production is an eye-opening experience.   Learning aspects of design, construction techniques, and learning to appreciate the aesthetics of performance can only be done hands-on.  Learning about lighting and sound can lead to further study in college or career-related applications.  Technical Theater B gives students the chance to explore these areas of technology.

Instead of conventional homework, you get a chance to work on sound and lights for all kinds of school programs, as well as some amazing non-school events. Students will receive extra credit for involvement in theater tech, Strom Auditorium Tech Club, as well as attending performances.