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Honors Music Theory
Visual and Performing Arts
  • This course is designed to enhance student musicianship and acts as a college preparatory course for music entrance examinations. There is a significant amount of homework and independent study involved.

The course is divided into three content areas:

•Theory Application = intervals, rhythm, triads, scale study, clefs, harmonic analysis, transposition, modes, jazz harmony, 4-part vocal writing, keyboard & instrumental writing.

•Singing = all intervals, scales & basic sight singing ability in 2 clefts in major & minor keys.

•Ear Training = identification of all intervals, basic melodic dictation and chordal identification.

Students will be able to:

  • Sing and identify all intervals
  • Demonstrate an understanding of rhythm in a variety of meters
  • Identify and write major, minor, diminished and augmented triads
  • Create and identify all major & minor scales as well as key signatures
  • Identify notes in bass, treble, alto & tenor clef
  • Complete a traditional harmonic analysis and be able to correctly identify all non-harmonic tones
  • Write a basic piano accompaniment to a melody
  • Write  4 part harmony to a given melody
  • Understand & demonstrate musical form through composition
  • Demonstrate an understanding of instrumental transposition
  • Arrange/compose a composition for instrumental music
  • Identify and/or create all of the "church" modes
  • Identify/write chords using traditional jazz symbolic notation
  • Sing & identify major and minor scales using movable "do"
  • Sightsing basic melodies in bass & treble 
  • Identify fundamental chord progressions
  • Demonstrate an ability to write basic melodies aurally (melodic dictation)