Camden Hills Regional High School

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Jazz Ensemble
Visual and Performing Arts
The CHRHS Jazz Ensemble is designed to teach the fundamental skills of jazz performance.   Through the study of quality jazz literature, students will learn to perform and appreciate music of the jazz idiom.   Students who participate in this program will learn skills to help them enjoy jazz music, whether as an active participant or a critical listener for their entire adult life.

•Students perform music that require well-developed technical skills, attention to phrasing, interpretation, jazz articulation as well as the ability to perform various meters and rhythms in a variety of keys while modeling proper posture and technique, alone or with others.

•Students apply accumulated knowledge of musical notation, symbols, theory, terminology to perform music with greater complexity and variation including sudden dynamic contrasts.

•Students listen to, analyze, and evaluate music using their understanding of pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, form, timbre, texture, harmony, style, articulation and jazz theory.

•Students learn to make meaningful contributions to the community through musical performance.

•Students analyze and evaluate musical ideas expressed in their own musical performance.

•Students make short-term and long- term goals with consideration to time management, interpersonal interactions, or skill development that will lead to success in the arts.

•Students learn to perform and create their own improvised melodies through the knowledge and study of jazz theory and styles.

•Students learn to perform and identify a variety of jazz idioms.

•Students learn the history of jazz and the effects of jazz music upon our culture.