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Photography Studio
Visual and Performing Arts

Students will be expected to work much more independently than in the Intro to Photo course. This course will further explore photographic techniques and processes, including darkroom work, alternative processing, color toning, distressing film, photo-related art projects, and further work with digital techniques. These will be explored in the context of creating meaning, technical excellence, and a personal voice in ones photographic work.

Research on photographers and photo techniques will be an integral part of assignments. Assessment will include tests, written work, class discussions, and portfolio review. Students will be using both 35mm film and digital cameras. It is strongly suggested that students have their own cameras, as the school only has a limited number of film and digital cameras to lend overnight. Inexpensive point-and-shoot digital cameras are fine for most digital photo work. Expect to spend time outside of class on shooting assignments and other work.

Download Photo studio syllabus Jan 20141.pdf