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Advanced Problems in Jewelry
Visual and Performing Arts
This course is designed for the motivated and experienced artist/craftsperson willing to tackle more advanced techniques in jewelry making. Students will work to further develop their design skills to complete significant pieces.  Assignments may include techniques such as casting, glasswork and other advanced processes. A research paper on jewelry will be assigned. Students should expect to spend time beyond designated class periods to complete projects.

a. Students will be able to create complex designs ideas

b. Students will be able to plan out their ideas on paper using more accurate communicative techniques.

c. Students will be able to analyze their drawings and predict possible outcomes in the technical process and improve upon the initial ideas by adding meaningful changes that conveying intent.

d. Students will hone aesthetic awareness

e. Students will develop mastery of the basic technical skills in metalsmithing such as transferring designs, sawing, filing, drilling, surface treatment, soldering, and stone setting.

f. Students will expect quality and craftsmanship

g. Students will take metalsmithing as a medium for use in self-expression and higher order thinking.

h. Student will learn some more of the history of jewelry

i. Students will continue developing a strong technical vocabulary

j. Student will continue a strong work ethic and attention to detail.