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Advanced Art Portfolio
Visual and Performing Arts

This course is for the motivated and artistically accomplished student who wants a whole year to focus on advanced level work. Students who are considering a creative career will find this course helpful, as we will also cover what makes a strong portfolio for college applications.

Working with a range of media, students will work through the process of creative and imaginative problem solving to create sophisticated finished works. Emphasis will be placed on recognizing and developing greater technical and conceptual depth in studio projects and creating meaning and a personal voice in ones artistic work. Students will maintain a journal to record and develop ideas, sketches and other work. Reading and research about art and artists will be integral to the course.

Students will prepare and install an exhibition of work for Fine Arts Night in June as part of their second semester work.

Students should expect to spend significant time beyond designated class time to complete projects.

There will be work assigned over the summer to be completed before the start of class in the fall. This will consist of drawing, design work, and gallery visits and reviews.


•The students will be practiced creative thinkers, good solving problems and taking risks.

•The students will be able to identify, verbalize, and successfully incorporate the elements of art and principles of design into personal works of art.

•The students will have learned to expand abilities for critiquing a work of art and evaluating their own work.

•The students will have learned to communicate an idea, message, concept, mood or feeling through expressive works of art and writing.

•The students will have explored a variety of media and start to hone skills in at least one area of choice by developing one’s own style.

•The students will have taken part in the artistic process of brainstorming, drafts, research, editing and fine-tuning skills.

•The students will have developed the ability to create with quality and craftsmanship through developing attention to details.

•The students will have had exposure to college and career opportunities.