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Prep Your Visual & Digital Portfolio
Visual and Performing Arts

This course is for seniors and juniors who are considering post-secondary study in a creative or visual field such as visual art, graphic design, interior design, costume design, photography and related fields.

It is important that students taking this course already have a number of pieces completed for a portfolio, as outlined in the prerequisite information below.

Students may make more work during the course of the class but need to have a beginning of a portfolio at the start of the semester.

Please talk to an art teacher if you have questions about whether this course is a good fit for you at this time.

We will focus on preparation of visual portfolios and presentations in art, digital design, photography and other media.

This will include:

• Selecting work for visual portfolios- what do schools and scholarship committees look for?

• How to shoot (photograph) and scan work for portfolios, including lighting considerations, camera controls

• How to edit photos for cropping, color correction, and formatting using Adobe Photoshop and iPhoto

• Creating a few key pieces of art or design to round out your portfolio- filling in the gaps, or creating specific “assignments” that your school of choice requests 

• Preparing and designing a digital portfolio and online portfolio with your work using Adobe InDesign and current web design tools

• How to prepare work for exhibition: matting, framing, planning an exhibition

• Guest artists and art/design college representative visits

• Writing about and talking about your work: preparing for interviews and applications