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Honors Chamber Singers
Visual and Performing Arts

The Chamber Singers and Women’s Choir are auditioned ensembles of singers selected from the High School Chorus. The ensembles of 16 to 24 singers each study and perform a wide variety of advanced choral works mainly from the “a cappella” repertoire and accompanied works comparable in difficulty to programs offered at a college level.  The ensembles work on sight singing skills, musical literacy, and vocal technique. Chamber Singers and Women’s Choir have a very rigorous performance schedule. 

As stated in the Maine Learning Results:

•Students apply accumulated knowledge of musical notation, symbols, and terminology to perform music with greater complexity and variation including sudden dynamic contrasts.

•Students listen to, analyze, and evaluate music using their understanding of pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, form, timbre, texture, harmony, style, and compound meter.

•Students perform music of various styles and genres that requires well-developed technical skills, attention to phrasing and interpretation and various meters and rhythms in a variety of keys, accurately applying the accumulated knowledge and skills of: proper posture and technique; musical notation; symbols; and terminology.

•Students learn to make meaningful contributions to the community through musical performance.

•Students analyze and evaluate musical ideas expressed in their own musical performance.

•Students make short-term and long- term goals with consideration to time management, interpersonal interactions, or skill development that will lead to success in the arts.