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French III
World Languages

French III is a continuation of the skills developed in French I and II. TPRS continues to be the primary method of instruction, but grammar workbooks are available for grammar practice . The curriculum is balanced, dedicating each day to the four input and output skills. Speaking and writing days are considered output. Listening and reading days address input skills. In addition to the four skills, a grammar day is also an integral part of the curriculum. Grammar indicated in the current list of “guide words” is taught and reinforced with workbooks. The specific grammar covered in French III includes: present tense, passé composé and imparfait as well as reflexive verbs in the present. Direct and indirect object pronouns are also taught. The class is making the transition into target language instruction using comprehensible input. Output skills are beginning to become evident as the students will practice 20 second responses, an activity tested in the A.P. exam.