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Seniors and Post-Grad Information

Welcome, Seniors (and families)! This page has many of the resources you'll need for your post-secondary planning. A great place to start is our Post-Secondary Guide. If you're a student athlete, click here for information about NCAA Eligibility. If you have more questions, be sure to be in touch with your school counselor!


School Profile

Post-Secondary Guide

College Board
Testing Information

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Class of 2017: Senior Scholarship Information

Red Folder Information

Download the entire Red Folder Contents here.

Individual forms:

Financial Aid Resources

College Affordability and Completion Survey: The State of Maine would like your input.

Financial Aid Resource Night: Link to the presentation.

Financial Aid Sources: A page of state and national resources.

Scholarship Information: Local, state, and other sources of funding to support post-secondary planning. 


2017 CHRHS Post-Graduate Scholarship Information Packet

Instructions for your Post-Grad Scholarship Packet  

Using the CHRHS Scholarship Application:  When a scholarship requires the CHRHS Scholarship Application, please send in a separate application packet for each Scholarship. The CHRHS Scholarship Application is available as a FILLABLE PDF.  (You will need the free Adobe Reader program to fill the form in digitally. It will not work in Preview or via the web.)  This means, for any scholarship that takes the CHRHS Scholarship Application, you can type in your personal information once, then print out copies for the number of scholarships you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for three scholarships that require the CHRHS Scholarship Application, you will send in three packets, each containing:

1) A copy of the your completed CHRHS Scholarship Application (be sure to include the name of the scholarship you are applying for at the bottom.

2) Letter of Recommendation

3) Current Transcript

***Many scholarships that do NOT use the CHRHS Application may be available electronically.  These are included below with links to the application for you to download. Others will need to be picked up in the school counseling office.  The office is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 am until 3:00 pm.

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