MSAD 28 Computer Systems Acceptable Use Policy
Policy #01-1500
passed 9/10/96


Internet access is now available to students and staff in MSAD #28. We believe the Internet offers vast, diverse, and unique resources to students and staff. The purpose of providing Internet access is to promote educational excellence at MSAD #28 by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication. The Internet is an electronic highway connecting thousands of computers internationally and millions of individual subscribers. Students and staff may ultimately have access to a variety of Internet services, including:

With access to computers and people all over the world comes the availability of materials of tremendous educational value, as well as materials which may be of questionable value in a school setting. Unsupervised Internet use may inadvertently lead to access of inappropriate materials of a sexual or violent nature. Incautious electronic mail exchanges could lead to encounters with individuals who are seeking illicit, unlawful contacts with minors. Harassment via e-mail is an additional risk. However, we firmly believe that the valuable information and interaction available on this worldwide network far outweigh the risks and that the use of the Internet is consistent with the educational goals of MSAD #28.

In order to maximize the benefits of Internet use and to minimize the potential dangers, students and staff are required to adhere to these rules and responsibilities for computer use in the District.