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Concert Band




LENGTH OF TIME: 45  minutes, two times per week, plus lessons

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This group is for students to hone their skills and to develop confidence in playing in a large performance-based group. Band music is selected to enhance skills being learned from a variety of genre. Students will work alone, within their section, and as a full group. Two major performances will be done during the year.

In addition to full band class, students attend one band lesson each week in a smaller group setting. This allows students' playing to become more refined with a better tone, extended range and improved articulation.  Students improve their reading skills with weekly band lessons allowing them to perform more complex music with more individual parts and added range on their instrument.

Students are introduced to some larger instruments and given an opportunity to play them for a more balanced ensemble experience.  Students learn about their responsibility to the larger group both in playing their part and attending rehearsals.

Jazz band starts for 6th graders at the half-year mark.  Solos for wind, brass and percussion are presented at the end of the year with piano accompaniment.


REPORTING STANDARD: Collaboration and Ensemble Skills

1.     Students will develop criteria to evaluate performances (accuracy, balance, blend).

2.     Students will understand and interpret conducting patterns.

3.     Students will apply and demonstrate concert & stage etiquette.

4.     Students will understand role of individual in the big group and perform concert literature.

5.     Students will play using dynamics and articulation.

6.     Students will perform concert Bb, Eb, F and chromatic scales and basic percussion rudiments.

REPORTING STANDARD: Listening & Literacy skills

1.     Students will use and follow music vocabulary and music symbols.

2.     Students will define and perform time signatures in common and cut time including 2/4,3/4, 4/4, 3/8 and 6/8 meters.

3.     Students will identify correct intonation (pitch perception) using an electronic tuner.

4.     Students will understand historical or cultural significance of repertoire.

REPORTING STANDARD: Expressiveness and Technique

1.     Students will count and perform rhythm patterns combining various notes and rest and dotted rhythms up to sixteenth notes and will read simple rhythms and melodies at sight with a steady beat.

2.      Students will demonstrate use of alternate fingerings where applicable.

3.      Students will perform selected band repertoire alone and with others demonstrating the technical and musical knowledge learned.

4.      Students will play with correct posture and position.

5.    Students will perform concert Bb, Eb, F and chromatic scales and basic percussion rudiments.


Students will play band music alone to show their preparation.

Students will participate in the Fall & Spring Concert.

Smart Music assignments submitted on the computer.


Music selected for each performance.

Finish or review Standard of Excellence book 1 and parts of book 2.

Smart Music assessment.

Written assignments on notation and/or rhythm.