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Beginning Band




LENGTH OF TIME: Full Year (two 45-minute classes twice per week: one class band and one like-instrument lesson)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This class is for students to begin studying a wind instrument (choice of 6 main instruments) in a small group setting.   Students will learn or use basic music reading skills in note and rhythm reading as it applies to their instrument. Music is selected to enhance skills being learned from a variety of genre and examples including their Sound Innovations text or other similar texts. Students will work alone, within their section and as a full group. Two major performances will be done throughout the year.

Students choose to play flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, baritone or trombone at the beginning of the year.  Students may also choose secondary instruments (bassoon, horn, tuba, etc.) Students who wish to learn percussion will start on bells (keyboard percussion) for the first two quarters of the year before moving to snare drum as well as other non-pitched percussion instruments.

Fifth grade band emphasis is placed on literacy and competency in music notation, which includes, but is not limited to, counting rhythms, learning notes on a staff in treble or bass clef, transcribing, and performing correct notes and rhythms in music notation.


REPORTING STANDARD: Collaboration and Ensemble Work

  1. Students will perform selected band repertoire alone and with others demonstrating the technical and musical knowledge learned.
  2. Students will apply and demonstrate concert & stage etiquette.
  3. Students will understand role of individual in the large group and perform from band text or concert literature.

REPORTING STANDARD: Listening & Literacy skills

  1. Students will count and perform rhythm patterns combining various notes and rest and dotted rhythms and be able to read simple rhythms at sight with a steady beat.
  2. Students will demonstrate knowledge of keys and parts of instrument.
  3. 3. Students will use and apply music vocabulary and music symbols.
  4. Students will define and perform time signatures in common and cut time including 2/4,3/4, 4/4.
  5. Students will be able to match pitch with other instruments.

Reporting Standard: Expressiveness and Technique

  1. Students will play with correct embouchure, breath support, posture and position and start notes correctly using the tongue.
  2. Students will play using dynamics, tempo and articulation.
  3. Students will safely assemble and care for instrument.
  4. Students will play Concert Bb and chromatic scales (using fingering chart) or basic percussion rudiments.


  • Articulation
  • Breath
  • Dynamics
  • Embouchure
  • Fermata
  • Piano/forte
  • Rhythm
  • Tempo


Instrument solo performance

Fall & Spring Concert participation

Smart Music

Written assignments


Music selected for each performance (teacher selected)

Sound Innovations Book 1

Other texts

Smart Music

Revised 8/12