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Saxon Math

Brief description

Saxon math is designed for students who often feel frustrated by math and are struggling to master middle school math concepts and skills. The class covers a year's worth of grade level curriculum, yet offers greater repetition and skills practice. The Saxon math text is used and is an incremental approach to math instruction.

Grade levels: Targeted 5 - 8

Placement process

Teachers and parents may refer students for Saxon math consideration.

Students may qualify for placement if assessment data is:

  • below proficient on NECAP math (score of 1 or 2)
  • one grade level below median RIT on NWEA
  • 25%ile or below on AIMSWeb M-CAP and /or M-COMP
  • or, there is a speech and language concern that would prevent student from successfully accessing CMP2 curriculum

Scheduled class

Every day for one hour as the regular math class.

Exit strategy

Students generally stay in the Saxon math curriculum through middle school, however if assessment data shows growth over the 45%ile then placement in the Connected Mathematics program (CMP2) is encouraged.