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Math Lab

Intervention:  Math Lab

Brief description: Math Lab is a direct instruction intervention designed for students struggling in math. It targets math computation and understanding math concepts aligned to the Common Core and the MSAD 28 Graduation Standards. Students work collaboratively, independently, and one-on-one with an instructor to strengthen math skills.

Grade Level: Targeted 5-8

Placement Process: Students may qualify by meeting either of these testing results:

a)    Score between the 0-39th percentile on MCOMP

b)   Intervention team discretion

c)    Or three normed assessments indicate computation needs.

Scheduled Class: Depending on grade level, class is scheduled every day or every other day for a 10-week intense intervention. Immediately following an intervention session an assessment will be administered to see if additional intervention is warranted.

Exit Strategy: Students may leave the program one of two ways:

a)    Achieve scores >40th percentile on MCOMP

b)   NWEA score >40th percentile

c)    Recommendation of intervention team member