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SRA Decoding Strategies (C)

Brief description

Direct instruction reading intervention designed for struggling readers. It is designed specifically for students with attention deficits, students whose overall academic performance is hurt by poor comprehension, and students whose reading places them at a risk for failure.

Program components include: sound combinations, word reading, group reading, comprehension questions, reading checkouts, timed readings and independent student work.

Grade level: Targeted 5-6

Placement process

Parents or teachers may refer students for SRA Placement Screening, which occurs on Friday mornings during first period.

Students may qualify by meeting either of these testing results:

  • Complete Part III of the Decoding Placement in less than 1:30-2:00 with four to eight errors, or
  • Complete Part IV in more than 1:20 with zero to three errors.

Scheduled class

Class is held at Schooner Time, Tuesday - Friday.

Exit strategy

Students may leave the program one of two ways:

  • Complete Part IV of the Decoding Placement in less than 1:20 with zero to three errors, disqualifying students for services, or
  • Pass all sections of the SRA Comprehension Mastery.