Camden-Rockport Middle School

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Grade 5


Library skills at Camden-Rockport Middle School are taught by the librarian in conjunction with the various subject areas as well in focused 5th and 6th grade library skills classes.

Throughout grades 5-8, the library is available to students for fiction and nonfiction reading on a wide variety of reading levels. Each month, approximately 1000 books circulate. The collection is wide-ranging in order to meet the needs of the different ages, maturity, reading levels, and interests of the students as well as to support, the curriculum.

Each 5th grader attends focused orientation sessions early in the school year to ensure that students are familiar with and comfortable using the library. These sessions focus on book location, care and feeding of books, appropriate library behavior, genres, fiction and nonfiction, and book selection. Students also learn how to appropriately use the library website, catalog, and Destiny Discover. Throughout the year, 5th graders visit the library  to select and check out library books.



Essential Question: How does an author hook and hold the reader's attention?

Learning Target: I can demonstrate an appreciation of literature as a relfection of human experience and reading as a pleasurable activity.