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Grade 6



LENGTH OF TIME: Two Quarters (60/65 minutes every other day)

COURSE DESCRIPTION (by Unit): Sixth grade Spanish is based on a Total Physical Response/Storytelling (TPR/TPRS) curriculum continuing the use of the TPRS guide "¡Cuéntame!" which was started in fifth grade Spanish.  This curriculum is based on the philosophy of comprehensible input using stories.  Students learn the language kinesthetically (coupling vocabulary with action).

UNIT TITLE: Trimester 1, Review of ¡Cuéntame! stories 1-8 and other previously learned  basic vocabulary.  Episode 9 of ¡Cuéntame!.   Masculine and feminine nouns and noun adjective agreement in Spanish.  Weather and seasons.   Hispanic Heritage Month and Mexican Independence Day and Day of the Dead.

UNIT TITLE: Quarter 2, ¡Cuéntame! 10-12.  Forms of transportation, travel vocabulary.  Personal pronouns and present tense verbs in all forms introduced in grammatical context.  Numbers 1-100.  Body parts and personal descriptions.

UNIT TITLE: Trimester 3, ¡Cuéntame! 13-16.  Vocabulary of geography.  Clothing vocabulary. Using es vs. está (ser vs. estar).  Personal in Spanish.   Cinco de mayo.


REPORTING STANDARD: Oral Communication

  1. Students will be able to use basic greetings and other classroom conventions in Spanish.

  2. Students will be able to orally re-tell portions of learned stories in the present tense (1st and 3rd person singular and plural.)

REPORTING STANDARD: Oral Comprehension

  1. Students will demonstrate understanding of stories by acting them out and by answering written and oral questions in Spanish.

REPORTING STANDARD: Vocabulary and Grammar

  1. Students will be able to define and use target vocabulary correctly.

  2. Students will show a basic understanding of target grammar.

REPORTING STANDARD: Reading Comprehension

  1. Students are introduced to extended readings and will demonstrate understanding of main ideas and supporting details by responding orally and in writing to questions.

  2. Students will learn to use cognates and context to ascertain the meaning of new vocabulary without using the dictionary.


  1. Through class activities students will demonstrate understanding of what Hispanic Heritage month is and when Mexican Independence Day is celebrated, why we study Spanish at CRMS, where most Spanish speaking countries are located, how dÃa de los muertos is celebrated in Mexico, and the actual relevance of the (largely American) holiday of Cinco de mayo.


  1. Students will be able to respond in writing to basic questions.

  2. Students will be able to write a story in 3rd person singular using target vocabulary.


Informal oral assessments every day

Quizzes throughout the term

Classroom Participation

"Cuaderno" Self made Spanish text

Other assignments and projects


¡Cuéntame!, Christine Anderson and Valeri Marsh

Other teacher generated handouts