Camden-Rockport Middle School

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Grade 6

COURSE/SUBJECT TITLE: Physical Education

LENGTH OF TIME: Three Quarters (Two quarters 60/65 minutes every other day and one quarter of 40 minutes every other day)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This class focuses on the student's awareness to move safely in a physically active environment.  Valuing one's individual differences and showing respectful behavior towards peers while learning basic motor skills is stressed.   Students will learn the positive health benefits of an active lifestyle.  The units covered are:

UNIT #1: Spinnjammers

UNIT #2: Cooperative activities and stretch/relaxation exercises

UNIT #3: Juggling/circus arts

UNIT #4: Individual and cooperative team sport lead-up games

UNIT #5: Physical Fitness Activities and Knowledge


REPORTING STANDARD: Movement and motor skills

  1. Students will demonstrate self-starting a spinnjammer (Frisbee with small cone) and will perform a self- toss and a partner toss.

  2. Students will create, practice and demonstrate multiple freestyle moves and will demonstrate correct throwing and catching skills with spinnjammers, balls and other equipment.

  3. Students will demonstrate basic juggling skills with scarves, juggling balls, rings and clubs.

  4. Students will create and perform balances with spinning plates and feathers will demonstrate balances on the globe and balance boards.

  5. Students will create and show various skills using Chinese diablos, and luna sticks.

  6. Students will display correct forehand and backhand patterns while striking different implements with racquets.

  7. Students will demonstrate successful striking skills.

  8. Students will learn the correct kicking, dribbling and receiving skills while using different throwing implements.

REPORTING STANDARD: Personal and social safety skills

  1. Students will display safe use of all equipment and practice safe spotting skills with the balance boards, globes and unicycles.

  2. Students will demonstrate responsible personal behaviors while participating in physical activities.

  3. Students will apply the group idea respectfully to all group members to complete the physical challenge

  4. Students will apply and put into action cooperative and inclusive skills while participating in physical activities.

  5. Students will demonstrate correct stretching and relaxation exercises that will reduce injury and reduce anxiety to ones self in the gymnasium and classroom.

REPORTING STANDARD: Health-related physical fitness

  1. Students will identify physical and mental benefits of regular physical activity.

  2. Students will complete multiple health related fitness assessments (including cardiovascular), assess results, and observe changes over time.

  3. Students will describe, practice and give examples of the five health-related fitness components: flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength and body composition.


  • Apex

  • Arc

  • Balance

  • Force

  • Strategy


Teacher generated check-offs

Peer evaluations

Teacher observation


Spinnjammer video

Juggling video

Teacher generated handouts