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Grade 7

COURSE/SUBJECT TITLE: Physical Education


LENGTH OF TIME: Two Quarters (60/65 minutes every other day)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This class focuses on the student's awareness to move safely in a physically active environment. In the first term students will participate in health related fitness assessments and design a fitness program from established goals. During the second term students will be introduced to the lifetime sport of Archery.  They will be tested on the safety techniques and all the proper steps for shooting and scoring. We will introduce basic skills in both Volleyball and non-contact Lacrosse in the third term.  The units covered are:

UNIT #1: Physical Fitness Activities and Knowledge

UNIT #2: Archery

UNIT #3: Volleyball

UNIT #4: Lacrosse

UNIT #5: Omnikin


REPORTING STANDARD: Movement and motor skills

  1. Students will demonstrate proper archery scoring methods to a partner and to the teacher.

  2. Students will demonstrate how to properly maintain the bow, target and arrows and will practice how to repair damaged equipment.

  3. Students will model and practice archery shooting techniques.

  4. Students will demonstrate the following volleyball skills: forearm pass, set, underhand serve, sidearm serve, and the overhand serve and will demonstrate all skills in modified game situations.

  5. Students will practice and model the underhand toss, overhand throw, catching and cradling skills in lacrosse and will demonstrate them in lead up games.

  6. Students will work in small groups to create modified lacrosse games with the skills learned.

  7. Students will demonstrate serving techniques and will understand how to keep the score and apply during one Omnikin game.

  8. Students will apply higher-level strategies while playing a modified game of Omnikin and will demonstrate teamwork skills and defensive strategies

REPORTING STANDARD: Health-related physical fitness

  1. Students will assess and analyze their current fitness level.

  2. Students will construct goals to improve their fitness scores.

  3. Students will create a fitness program from established goals.

REPORTING STANDARD: Personal and social safety skills

  1. Students will know and demonstrate all safety techniques prior to shooting.

  2. Students will know and practice safe and respectful interactions (good sportsmanship) during physical activities.

  3. Students will know and demonstrate safe use of lacrosse equipment.


  • Frequency

  • Intensity

  • Rebound

  • Transition

  • Tripod




Peer assessment

Health-related fitness check off



Teacher generated handouts

National Archery in School Program video