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Greetings All,

'Tis that time of year when we like to offer a friendly reminder to families about illness' and when to stay home. Here are some guidelines:

Hand-washing: It always sounds so basic, but it is the best method for preventing the spread of disease. Please encourage your child to wash their hands during the school day.

Fever: If your child has a fever of 100 they should stay home. Returning to school is appropriate when they are fever free for >24hours and they have not had any fever reducing medicine such as tylenol or ibuprofen.

Stomach/intestinal illness: Children should stay home if they have been vomiting or have diarrhea. It is safe to return to school at least 24-hours after such episodes occur.

Coughing/sore throat/runny nose: These are judgement calls parents/guardians must make. If your child has one or more of these symptoms they are likely going to have a difficult time in the classroom. A day of rest and fluids may reduce the overall length of illness.

Influenza/FLU: Influenza is a contagious disease of the respiratory tract (nose, throat, and lungs) that can lead to serious complications including pneumonia. Flu symptoms may include fever, headache, extreme fatigue, dry cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, and muscle aches. If you have any of these symptoms please stay home and consult your physician. The best way to protect your family from contracting the flu is to get vaccinated each year.

Lastly, eating healthy foods, getting plenty of exercise and rest will help boost your immune system to ward off these illness'.  Thanks for helping to keep CRMS students and staff healthy. Don't hesitate to call me if you have any question about an illness!

In Wellness,

Gretchen Kuhn, School Nurse 

Immunization Exemption

If your child does not have the state required immunizations, you must complete an immunization exemption form every year.

Download Immunization Exemption Form 17-18.pdf

Health Forms

Health History: This must be completed annually for ALL students.

Download Health History gk17.pdf

Physical Examination: This must be completed and signed by a physician for all students wishing to participate in school athletics. This needs to be completed one time during a student's middle school career, or more often if there is a significant change in health status. 

Download Physical Exam Form.pdf

Concussion Policy: Please click on this link to read the MSAD 28 policy on concussions. There is no separate form to sign, instead sign the bottom of the health history form indicating that you have read and understand this policy. 

Download MSAD 28 Management of Concussions and other Head Injuries.pdf

Download Concussions Handout JJIF-E.pdf

Medications in School

If your child needs to take any medication for any reason (other than acetaminophen or ibuprofen) while at school, please contact me right away. All medications need to be stored and locked in the nurse’s office. No medication may be carried by students or kept in student lockers (with the exception of epi-pens and inhalers with permission). A doctor’s order must be provided in order for medication to be administered in school. Please print the form below and have it signed by your primary care provider.


Asthma Action Plan

Life Threatening Allergy Protocol

Download Food Allergy Emergency Care Plan.pdf

Life-Threatening Allergies & Anaphylaxis Protocol