Camden Hills Regional High School

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Spanish 3
Ms. Ferlauto
Room 210 - Period Red 4, White 2

Students are expected to maintain an accurate list of vocabulary and to review it daily.  In addition, students are expected to complete daily homework assignments on their own.  Class time is spent on presentation of new material and on oral and group work.  The teacher is available for help before and after school and during her study halls.
    Class participation is an important part of the overall grade.  Students are expected to speak Spanish as much as possible and to be alert and on task during class.
    Each student is responsible for creating and maintaining reference materials in a three ring binder with five dividers.  Also required are an assignment pad, notebook paper and a pencil or pen.
    Attendance is very important in this course because there is no textbook.  All make up work is the responsibility of the student. For unforeseen absences the student needs to contact the teacher and request make up work on the day he/she returns to class.  For planned absences the student should request work from the teacher one week in advance and turn in all assignments on the day he/she returns to class. 

**Students are expected to maintain a positive attitude and a desire to learn Spanish.**


Grading Policy:

Grading will be based on classroom activities, quizzes, notebook, homework, tests and projects.


Assignments are posted daily in the classroom.  If you would like more information, please contact me by email.