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Mr. Bill Anderson

Special Education Teacher 9-12
Special Education Services
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telephone: 236-7800 x 3337

Needless to say I have had a lot of fun in life, have many hobbies and interests, and have been blessed to have had a wide range of work experiences. My hobbies include: fly fishing, water sports, gardening, horseback riding, music (singing and playing electric bass), etc. My interests include: my family, spending time with other people and learning from them, learning more about the world that I live in and doing what I can with the gifts that I have to make it a better place.  My vocational experience has included: employment on the waterfront in Camden when it was more of a fishing harbor during the 60's; summer work as a Park Ranger while I was attending college in the late 60's and when I returned to Maine in the mid-70's; summer work as a minerals prospector in the Greenville, Maine area during the summer of 1969; acting as a linguist, fluent in North Vietnamese, while employed by Uncle Sam in the early 70's; work as a K-8 special education in the late 70's; my time for the next 27 years in the commercial sector employed in manufacturing as a production scheduler, warehouse manager and advertising/booth sales manager (Fly Rod & Reel and Shooting Sportsman Magazines and several fly fishing shows); and finally, working at Camden Hills Regional High School as a special educator.