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Honors Algebra 2
Mr. Burns
Room 316 - Period Red 4

            This course does little review of Algebra I topics so that the year may be spent working on the new topics of Algebra II. Those topics include matrices, quadratics, systems, as well as rational, polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions.

            This course is a year-long course. The expectations for the student and the course are to complete of one credit of Mathematics and prepare the student to move on to Honors or A.P. Pre-calculus.  Independent work is an important part of this course.


My expectations for you are very simple. 

BE PROMPT - I expect that you are on time to class and ready to work when I am. (that means in your seat with your book and binder out, ready to go) 

BE POLITE AND POSITIVE – I DO NOT TOLERATE NOR APPRECIATE put-downs, name calling, or the “just kidding” humor toward your fellow students.  We’re all in this together and we should treat each other with respect.  You should also participate in classroom discussions and activities and listen attentively.

BE PRODUCTIVE – I expect all work to be turned in on time and fairly neat.  I also expect you to do your best on everything to you do for me.  If you cheat, there are serious consequences, both from me, and from the school. (Pg. 13 of your student handbook)

BE A PROBLEM SOLVER – Our universe is growing everyday.  We’re required to learn new things and solve new problems daily.  I don’t expect you to understand everything the first time you learn it.  We don’t learn that way.  If you are having problems with something, try to solve it constructively.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.   I love questions, and I love students who ask questions.

Grading Policy:


Homework will be given and I expect it to be completed by the next class.  I do not accept late work, unless it is accompanied by an excused absence slip from the office, or you have an accommodation, which allows you to have extra time on assignments. Homework will generally be worth anywhere from 5-10 points per assignment.

Tests:  You can expect to have a test at the end of each unit.  These will generally take the most part of a whole period and will be worth around 100 points.

Quizzes will always be announced!!!  I don’t think it’s fair to surprise you with quizzes.  Generally, I will give about 2 quizzes per unit.  They are designed to be short and quick and will usually be worth around 25 points.



A+ 99-100                            C+ 83-84

A 95-98                                C 78-82

A- 93-94                              C- 76-77

B+ 91-92                              D 72-73

B 87-90                                D- 70-71

B- 85-86                               F 0-69



Assignements can be found:

1.  On the white board in my room.
2.  On our classes iTunes U course page. 

You will need to "enroll" in the iTunes U course in order to view its contents.  Please e-mail me for the enrollment code.  That may take 12-24 hours.  Please keep this in mind.