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Honors Algebra 1
Mr. Burns
Room 316 - Period Red 2

Honors Algebra I is a full-year, 1 credit course created with the intent of building the necessary fundamental Algebraic skills needed to pursue a post-secondary experience and fulfill the four-year math requirement at Camden Hills Regional High School.  This fast-paced class is designed for motivated students in the 9th grade who have received a score of 90% or better on the Math Competency exam and have been recommended by their 8th grade teacher.  Steady work is required in topics such as: solving equations and inequalities, solving systems of equations using multiple methods, exponents and exponential functions, polynomials, radicals, basic trigonometry, quadratics, and factoring.


 My expectations for you are very simple. 

BE PROMPT - I expect that you are on time to class and ready to work when I am. (that means in your seat with your book, binder, and sharpened pencil out, ready to go) 

BE POLITE AND POSITIVE – I DO NOT TOLERATE NOR APPRECIATE put-downs, name calling, or the “just kidding” humor toward your fellow students.  We’re all in this together and we should treat each other with respect.  You should also participate in classroom discussions and activities and listen attentively.

BE PRODUCTIVE – I expect all work to be turned in on time and fairly neat.  I also expect you to do your best on everything to you do for me.  If you cheat, there are serious consequences, both from me, and from the school. (Pg. 13 of your student handbook)

BE A PROBLEM SOLVER – Our universe is growing everyday.  We’re required to learn new things and solve new problems daily.  I don’t expect you to understand everything the first time you learn it.  We don’t learn that way.  If you are having problems with something, try to solve it constructively.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.   I love questions, and I love students who ask questions.

Grading Policy:



 Homework will be scored for completeness. It will be checked the following class, unless I specify an alternative date. It will be scored on a 4-point scale:

1      Not done at all

2      Some done, but not complete or complete but no work shown

3      Complete with all work shown

4      Complete with work shown & Reflection Sheet

 Individual homework grades will not affect the quarter grade, but will be entered into PowerSchool as a Habits of Mind Grade.  Homework will always be reviewed the day it is due.

Homework assignments and due dates can be found on PowerSchool!! 


 Formative assessments will be given at the end of section (1-2 class periods), and students who score below an 80% are required to attend a MATH DIRECTED STUDY HALL  to review the content. 

All students (regardless of score) will be allowed to “retake” formative assessments once, but not until they have a math teacher sign the original formative assessment indicating that they have practiced and completed a Request to Retest Sheet. You can do this a few ways:

  1. Attend a Math Directed Study Hall
  2. Come in before or after school to practice with me or another math teacher.
  3. A tutor can sign off if it is pre-approved by me.

 The formative assessment grades will be entered into PowerSchool and will be worth 15 total points.  Once a student has completed all the practice and gotten a signature, they should schedule a time to see me to “retake”.  This must be done within one week of the original assessment.

*At times, classwork will be assigned and will count as a formative assessment.

 Summative assessments will not be given as often as formative assessments, and can only be taken once.  Summative assessment grades will be entered into PowerSchool and are worth 50 total points. 


 A+ 99-100                            C+ 83-84

A 95-98                                C 78-82

A- 93-94                              C- 76-77

B+ 91-92                              D 72-73

B 87-90                                D- 70-71

B- 85-86                               F 0-69



Assignments can be found on our classes iTunes U Page.  The iTunes U page is

You will need to have permission to enroll in the course.  That may take 12-24 hours for me to see.

The current homework can also be found on the whiteboard in the back of my room (316)