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Introduction to Photography
Ms. Brown
Room 480 - Period

This course introduces students to black and white film and darkroom photography, digital photography and image manipulation, and other photo-related art projects. Students will learn black and white photo processes, including photograms, pinhole photography, 35 mm camera controls, black and white darkroom techniques, and photo handcoloring. Students will also learn how to use digital cameras to capture compelling images, and how to edit and manipulate their photos with iphoto and Adobe Photoshop.
Assessment will include testing, written work, class discussions, and studio projects.
Students who enroll in this class should have a digital camera to use at home, either SLR or point-and-shoot style. It is useful to have a 35 mm film camera as well, but students may borrow film cameras from school.

Expect to spend time outside of class on shooting assignments and other work.

Download Intro to Photo Syllabus 2014-15.pdf

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Download Photo Class Expectations Jan 2014 .pdf

Collaboration vs. copying

1. Much of the work in this class has a collaborative component. You are encouraged to help each other with darkroom and digital procedures. However, on certain work, such as research or reading, I do not want you to copy each other’s work! If I suspect that you have copied someone else’s work, I will make you do it over, or do another project to substitute.
2. Copyright laws must be followed.
Copyright law Fair Use Guidelines
Copyright law in detail

Grading Policy:

Assessment will include testing, written work, class discussions, and studio projects.
You are expected to demonstrate understanding of processes, concepts, and other aspects of visual arts as relate to topics covered.

Handing in work:

1. Because we have both digital and hands-on projects, you will have a variety of ways to pass in work. Details for passing in work will be included with each project.
2. LATE WORK: much of the work must be done on time so you can proceed with the next part of an assignment. I will give deadlines for assignments based on previous student work times.

Typically, I will take off 10 points a day for late work. If you have an issue, please talk to me.


Download Intro to Photo Syllabus 2014-15.pdf

Class assignments will be posted on the photo wikispace, and the white board in room 480.

Contact Ms. Brown at if you have questions.