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Photo Studio
Ms. Brown
Room 480 - Period
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Introduction to Photography class

Students will be expected to work much more independently than in the Intro to Photo course.

This course will further explore photographic techniques and processes, including darkroom work, alternative processing, color toning, distressing film, photo-related art projects, and further work with digital techniques.

These will be explored in the context of creating meaning, technical excellence, and a personal voice in ones photographic work.

Research on photographers and photo techniques will be an integral part of assignments.

Assessment will include tests, written work, class discussions, and portfolio review. Students will be using both 35mm film and digital cameras. It is strongly suggested that students have their own cameras, as the school only has a limited number of film and digital cameras to lend overnight. Inexpensive point-and-shoot digital cameras are fine for most digital photo work. Expect to spend time outside of class on shooting assignments and other work.

CHRHS Photo Class Galleries

CHRHS Art & Photo Galleries- Ms. Brown's classes

I’ll be expecting a high level of motivation, and high quality work in Photo Studio.

Notebook or folder: you need to have a notebook or folder for handouts, homework, etc. This is separate from your classroom folder, since you need to take it to and from class.

• As always, you have to shoot your photos outside of class time. Please plan ahead!
• Be prepared for class by doing homework/shooting on time.
• Attendance is important. You will earn a participation grade for each class.
• After 3 absences of any sort, you will get a “0” for participation grade for any absence. Please see Ms. Brown for makeup of time in this case.
• Any missed classes must be made up after school or during a study, if there is studio work that has to be completed at school. (using the darkroom or computers, or other art materials.)
• Please check with Ms. B to schedule time to do this. If you miss a class, you will earn a “0” unless you make up the time and/or work.
• See the school handbook for general attendance rules.
• Leaving the classroom: You need a signed pass to leave the room for any reason except to get a drink in the hallway (in that case, ask Ms. B.) If you misuse a hall pass- hanging out in the cafe´, etc.- you will have a warning, and/or a detention. • NO HORSEPLAY in the classroom, darkroom, or outside in the hall or patio during class time. 
• Class skips or cuts = detention and notification of administration.

Collaboration vs. copying

1. Much of the work in this class has a collaborative component. You are encouraged to help each other with darkroom and digital procedures. However, on certain work, such as research or reading, I do not want you to copy each other’s work! If I suspect that you have copied someone else’s work, I will make you do it over, or do another project to substitute.

2. Copyright laws must be followed.
Copyright Law Fair Use Guidelines

Grading Policy:

Projects: 70%  Reading/research/writing: 15%  Class participation: 15%

Please note: Homework is integral to completing projects on time. (shooting outside of class, etc.)
Final exam activity/project is 10% of semester grade.

Download Photo studio syllabus Jan 2014.pdf

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