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Advanced Drawing and Painting
Ms. Brown
Room 472 - Period
This semester-long course is designed for motivated students interested in developing more sophisticated work in painting and drawing, with an emphasis on creation of meaningful and expressive original works. Students will work with a variety of drawing and painting techniques and media, including pencil and charcoal, acrylic and watercolor, and mixed media. Processes will include observation, imagination, and experimental techniques. We will use both traditional and experimental techniques, so be prepared to work, but also explore with a sense of play and risk-taking.
There will be an emphasis on process as well as the end product.
Work will include planning, rough sketches, material preparation, and completion of a number of finished works that demonstrate a high level of commitment. Students will be expected to keep a sketchbook for idea development and homework assignments.
There is no specific prerequisite, but it is important that students have experience in drawing or painting either at school or outside classes and are ready and motivated to push themselves further in their work.

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Essential Questions and Goals
Download Adv Drg & Ptg class essential questions 2014.pdf

Format of class:
Class will consist of demonstrations, studio work, readings, “lectures” and research.
Usually, there will be a demonstration or discussion at the start of class, followed by studio working time.
Homework (or “independent work”): You are expected to work outside of class time, because practice is the only way to improve. Also, working on your own time is often more productive than during an 80-minute class period.
Homework will include drawing, painting, reading and other research, and writing assignments.
Sketchbook: You need a 9x12” sketchbook. This size is convenient for carrying around, but big enough for good-sized drawings. You are expected to fill at least one 100-page sketchbook this semester- some for specific assignments, (drawing, collage, handouts, etc.-) and some your own “stuff”-
Suggested materials to have at home: Graded pencils (H, 2B, 4B, 6B); small watercolor set; glue; markers or pens you enjoy using.

Teacher’s philosophy: I am looking for brain wave action, not regurgitation. I value imagination, synthesis, analysis and processing, not mere copy-work.
The only path to artistic improvement is visual alertness, research, practice, and refining work.
Interesting artwork is a combination of technical skill, expressive elements, personal vision, and imaginative and creative thinking. Every mark you make is a decision, and affects the final outcome.
Grading Policy:

• Assessment is based on short-term assignments, long-term projects, research and written work, participation in class, and homework/independent work. All these elements are essential for success in this class.

• Deadlines for projects will be given for each assignment. It is important to complete work in a timely manner, including homework.

• If you miss class, you need to make up the work and missed time.
• Please schedule time outside of class to make up missed work.

• You will earn a participation grade for each class period. Any missed classes over 3 will add a "0" to your participation grade until the time and work is made up.
Please see Ms. Brown with any questions or concerns.

There will be opportunities to earn extra credit for additional work completed outside of class.

Download Advanced Drg & Ptg syllabus Jan 2014.pdf