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A semester of drawing - small to large, black and white to color, realistic to abstract. This is the perfect class for students who want to improve their drawing skills: technical skills including shading, use of line, drawing from observation; expressive use of line, color and space; and development of your imagination through brainstorming, fun exercise drawings and more in-depth drawing projects.

Students will draw from life, but will also use other resources, including imagination and the work of well-known artists as starting points for drawings.

Students will be expected to keep a sketchbook for idea development and homework assignments.

You need for class:
A sketchbook, 8”x10” minimum size. Wire-bound is better than glued.
Pencil & pen– bring to every class
•Be prepared for class, ready to listen and work, with homework done.
•Be respectful of classmates, teacher, and studio space.
•If you miss class for any reason, you must make up the work. Check with classmates or teacher outside of class time.
•No cell phones or other distracting devices allowed during class.
1. You are expected to attend class. Any missed classes must be made up after school or during a study, if there is studio work that has to be completed at school- otherwise work may be taken home to work on.
Please check with Ms. B to schedule time to do this. If you miss a class, you will earn a “0” unless you make up the time and/or work.
2. Any missed classes count toward your total absences- see the school handbook for attendance rules.
3. Leaving the classroom: You need a signed pass to leave the room for any reason except to use the drinking fountain or restroom in the art wing. (in those cases, check with Ms. B.)
 If you misuse a hall pass- hanging out in the café, etc.- you will have a warning, and/or a detention.
3. NO HORSEPLAY in the classroom, outside in the hall, or patio during class time.
4. Class skips or cuts = detention and notification of administration.
Grading Policy:

Grading: Your grade is based on:

• Long-term studio projects
• Short-term studio assignments (worksheets, practice work, etc.)
• Homework
• Quizzes, research and other similar verbal/visual material
• Participation in class

 Extra Credit:
There will be opportunities to earn extra credit each quarter. Talk to Ms. B if you have a question about this.

Download Drawing_syllabus_Fall_2013_CBrown.pdf

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