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French 4
Mr. Mann
Room 228 - Period Red 4
French IV  (Grades 11, 12)  1 Credit

Prerequisite:   B  or better in  French III is recommended or instructor’s permission.

Course Description:  French 4 is a continuation of French 3 with a more important focus on the target language.  Higher expectations  are the norm in the area of speaking output skills especially with the 20 second response exercise. Writing skills improve using  a wide variety of tenses and idiomatic expressions. Listening skills increase with the increased usage of the target language. Reading skills continue to be a focus as the use of novels such as the Little Prince are used.   The recycling of grammar continues throughout the year with the introduction of the reflexive verbs in the past, transitive and intransitive verbs in the passé composé.  the subjunctive is introduced.

Expectations: The  expectations for students in level 4 are the same as with the students in level 3 with the exception the use of the target language.  The reading level increases in difficulty as we make the transition from readers to novels. A serious approach to French is also expected as the class as a more collegiate atmosphere.
Grading Policy: