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French 5
Mr. Mann
Room 228 - Period White 1
French V  (Grades  12)  1 Credit

Prerequisite: B or better in French 4 is recommended or instructor’s permission

Course description: 
This course is for the serious foreign language student who is committed to a college level French class. The class is conducted solely in French with the exception of some grammar explanations and translationexercises. Input and output skills are refined and the focus on proficiency and grammar are equal. Novels such as: Tartuffe, Maigret stories and Rhinoceros are read and studied. Grammar is a major focus as the subjunctive is emphasized, future, conditional, si clauses and all the remaining past tenses are studied. Any student requesting the A.P. teats at the end of the year is accommodated. Practice tests are administered to reinforce the four skills. The class is focused, mature and fun.

Expectations: As stated , students in this class are committed to a serious approach to French and are considering a major or minor in French when they go on to their college of choice.''
Grading Policy: