Camden Hills Regional High School

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Individualized Instruction and Academic Support
Mr. Kormann
Room rm. 331 - Period Red 2
This block of time is utilized by students who are identified as needing special education services in order to fully access there educational program. During this time they work on meeting the goals identified in there Individualized Educational Program and also receive support in order to achieve success in the regular education classes.''
Students are expected to come to class with all materials needed to fully engage in their academic pursuits. Upon the onset of class they are required to pull up their current grades on powerschool in order to determine what needs to be accomplished and prioritize their time.'
Grading Policy:
This class does not award credit therefore there are no grades associated with it. Students are evaluated through progress notes specific to their goals generated in the IEP .'
All work is contained within the class period and typically does not require work outside of that time. As part of  academic support however, the staff may specify which assignments need to be completed outside of the traditional school day.'