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Spanish 3
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Class goal: To speak in Spanish as much as possible!

This Spanish course is based on storytelling. It is meant to build on what you learned in your first Spanish class. Throughout the year we will listen, speak, read and write in Spanish. We will also expand our knowledge of Hispanic culture, particularly that of Latin Americans. We will acquire new vocabulary and use it to have general conversations and to create stories. Attendance is very important in this course because there is no textbook. You will create and maintain your own binder of reference materials.

 Materials you provide and bring to Spanish class everyday:

  • 3-ring binder with 5 dividers                           
  • a system for keeping track of assignments      
  • notebook paper                                               
  • pencil or pen                                                    
  • your Spanish reader (if required)                     

To maximize your learning (and earn the best possible grade):

  • Actively listen and participate in class.
  • Create a deck of flashcards and study them regularly.
  • Complete homework assignments on time.
  • Take responsibility for your learning. When you miss a class, whether because of illness or another reason, you need to spend time at home learning and practicing the material we worked on in class – in addition to completing the homework.
  • Ask for help when you need it! Ask early! Don’t wait until you are overwhelmed! I am available during Red 1 and 2, most days after school, and by appointment during White 4.

 Academic honesty:

All work submitted in this class must be completely your own unless the project is specifically assigned as group work. For written work, use your classroom materials (vocabulary lists and grammar notes) as resources. Submitting work of others (Internet, more advanced speaker, machine translators, copying from someone else) will result in a zero on the assignment and a phone call to parents. Second and subsequent offenses are handled according to the CHRHS Academic Dishonesty Policy that is outlined in your CHRHS agenda.

 Cell phones/Ipads/Ipods, etc: Please be sure all electronic devices are turned off and out of sight unless specifically required for a class activity. 

Grading Policy:

Evaluation of your work:

 Your grade for each quarter will be based on:

  • Quizzes – 45%

Quizzes may be announced or unannounced. Quizzes can be retaken once within two weeks of the original quiz date. Original and retake scores will be averaged. To do well on quizzes you must participate in class to the best of your ability, and review your vocabulary and verbs daily to be ready at any time.

  • Exams & Projects – 30%

Tests can be retaken once within two weeks of the original test date. Original and retake scores will be averaged.

  • Homework – 25%

Homework assignments are graded based on completion. I will give one homework pass per student, per quarter. You are able to make up homework within two weeks of the original due date for half credit.

 Done = A+

Half done = B

Not done = F


Grading scale for quizzes/exams/projects:

A+       99-100 (Outstanding)             C+      83-84 (Okay)

A         95-98 (Outstanding)               C         78-82 (Okay)

A-        93-94 (Very good)                   C-        76-77 (Okay)

B+       91-92 (Very good)                   D+      74-75 (Passing)

B          87-90 (Good)                           D         72-73 (Passing)

B-        85-86 (Good)                           F          0-69 (Failing)