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Spanish 201
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This intermediate-level Spanish course is offered at CHRHS through the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics at Syracuse University (Project Advance). It is a one-semester four college-credit course that will be spread over a full year at CHRHS. It is a proficiency-based course that reviews understanding of the formal structures of language, refines previously acquired linguistic skills and builds awareness of Spanish culture. Authentic oral and literary texts are introduced. The course uses film, TV/radio and literary texts in developing oral, listening, and reading skills. Class are conducted in Spanish. 

By the end of the course, students can be expected to communicate effectively in Spanish: giving and getting information, surviving predictable and complicated situations, narrating and describing in present, past and future time, supporting opinions and hypothesizing comfortably. 

Syracuse University charges tuition for this course at a reduced off-campus rate of $448 for four credit hours. We will begin the registration process together in class. Each student will print the registration form, have parents sign it and return it to me. The University will invoice parents directly. 



Class Participation (25%):

Your attendance, punctuality, and active participation are required. You will receive a daily grade (0-100 points) for participation and performance. A grade of 90-100 is reserved for a student who is well prepared for class, is actively involved in ALL class activities and uses the target language creatively and intelligently. A grade of 80-89 is earned by a student who is partially prepared for class, but speaks English or does not participate fully and successfully; a grade of 60-79 is earned by a student who is present but does not participate or a student who consistently uses English in class; grades below 60 are earned by students who are unprepared or whose behavior impedes their own learning or that of others (arriving late to class, being disrespectful to the teacher or to other students, reading outside materials, chatting with others, doing homework in class, sleeping, and other inappropriate behaviors); a grade of 0 is given for unexcused absences. Up to 5 absences will be excused per semester in accordance with CHRHS policy. 

Compositions (includes Cuaderno Personal) (15%):

You will be required to write one composition of 300 or more words for each of the seven chapters we will study this year. All compositions must be word processed and double spaced to allow room for comments. You will work in small groups to revise the composition drafts and you will then have an opportunity to incorporate your classmates' suggestions into a final version. A copy of the grading rubric for compositions is attached to the syllabus. 

Also included in this category is your Cuaderno Personal, a series of essays that you will write throughout the year. Three Cuaderno Personal essays will be in response to activities in each of the seven chapters of Lectura y redaccion. Your essays will be graded on how deeply you think about the tasks assigned and on how that thinking is reflected in your writing. Some consideration will be given to grammar. but those issues are secondary in grading the Cuaderno Personal. 

Homework (10%)

The syllabus includes a calendar that contains daily assignments. You are expected to prepare exercises for class from the textbook, workbook and other sources as assigned. All assignments are due at the beginning of class on the day indicated. Late work is not accepted for credit. 

Quizzes (10%):

There will be announced and unannounced quizzes on class work and/or assignments.

Tests (15%)

There will be a test on each chapter. 

Final Exam (15%)

There will be a final test over all material covered in chapters 1-7. 

Grading Policy:

Your grade will be calculated according to the following criteria:


25% = Class Participation

15% = Compositions (includes cuaderno personal)

10% = Homework

10% = Quizzes

10% = Oral Interview / Final Presentation

15% = Tests

15% = Final Exam

The grades on your CHRHS report card are more like progress reports. Only your final letter grade will be reported to Syracuse University. 


See syllabus for more information.