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Health Links and Information

Welcome to Health class....Carpe Diem!

"Your healh is the most important gift that you give yourself everyday"

"The choices we make dictate the life we live"

A. Introduction to Health Education

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Health FYI

HEALTH syll. winter 2015.doc

Grade format

PEA's 2015.

Abstract guidelines

Family flag

B. Setting the Stage: Wellness and Beyond

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Freeing of Health Education

Robert Frost poem

Key concepts in health

C. Taking Care of Number One

Stress unit:

What's my stress type?

Stress Awareness

General Causes of Stress

Massage Techniques

Sun Salutations

Tai Chi Form


Parental Paradise Project

D. Looking Behind the Curtain and Not Getting Loss

Treasure hunt

Maine Teen Suicide Prevention

E. Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up for Humankind

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 WHO 2015 letter for new delegates

WHO project guidelines

WHO: parent reflection and sharing assignment

F.The Meaning of Life: Family, Friends, and Relationships