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Physical Education I
Mr. Read
Room Main Gym - Period 1, 2, & 4

COURSE TITLE: Physical Education I



The Physical Education program is designed to provide aerobic, body strengthening, and movement activities that will enable all students an opportunity to achieve a positive level of physical fitness. These activities aid in the development of strength, flexibility, motor skills, endurance, stamina and coordination. Students are educated by a variety of physical activities that address sports, recreation, dance, and health related activities. Students participate in games of competition and skill development. A sense of sportsmanship and a positive attitude toward physical conditioning are encouraged.




REQUIRED PROFICIENCIES: (Must be met with at least 70% proficiency)

  • To provide aerobic and body building activities enabling all students the opportunity to achieve total physical fitness.
  • To learn and apply movement concepts and skills that foster participation in physical activities throughout their life. To learn and apply health-related fitness concepts.
  • To respect the role that regular physical activity plays in the pursuit of lifelong health and well-being.
  • Describe the importance of warm-up before and cool-down after physical activity.
  • Recognize the need for proper attire, footwear, care and use of equipment, safety hazards and personal affects during physical education activities.
  • Transfer specialized movement skills that use similar patterns from one movement activity to another
  • Analyze the impact of kinesthetic awareness, "perfect" practice, motivation, and appropriate challenges in facilitating the learning and refinement of a movement skill.
  • Demonstrate and assess tactical understanding by using appropriate and effective offensive, defensive, and cooperative strategies in applied settings.
  • Investigate the impact of rules and regulations on the health and safety of participants.
  • Predict the short- and long-term physical, social, and emotional benefits and potential problems associated with regular physical activity.
  • Summarize the causes, influences, and responses of body systems during exercise.
  • Describe how preventive healthcare, physiological monitoring, hydration, a safe environment, and exercising with a partner contribute to safe fitness activities.
  • Develop and implement a training program to maximize health benefits and prevent exercise-related injuries and illnesses.
  • Apply training principles to establish a progression of activity that will improve each component of fitness and justify the use of each principle.
  • Engage in a variety of sustained vigorous physical activities to enhance each component of fitness.
  • Perform at the intensity level needed to enhance cardiovascular fitness, monitor physiological responses before, during, and after exercise, and modify exercise appropriately in response.
  • Modify a fitness plan to accommodate for injury, illness, pregnancy, aging, and disability.
Grading Policy:
                                                        PHYSICAL EDUCATION GRADING GUIDELINES

                    Formative Assessment: 40%
                             Appropriate Attire: Daily
                             Active Pre-class Warmup
                             Active Fitness Involvement
                             Active in Class Unit

                    Summative Assessment: 60%
                            Knowledge and Skill Tests
                            PEA’s (PersonalEnhancementActivity)

                            Appropriate Attire: Daily    3pts.
                            Active Pre-class Warmup    4pts.
                            Active Fitness Involvement 4pts
                            Active in Class Unit    4pts.
                                                                15 pts.
....PEA’s = Biweekly submission of a journal entry ( see template )

                                                                        Physical Education
    The PEA in Physical Education will be an optional opportunity for each student to enhance their quarter grade by submitting a bi-weekly journal that will reflect their wellness in the six major concepts areas as it relates to their personal health. The students will follow the template that will be provided by the instructor. To be clear, the PEA’s are not graded, but will be yield additional points to enhance the student’s grade for each quarter. If the students completes all journals at an acceptable level they will earn six points to be added to their quarter grade.