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Ms. Helen Scipione

Director of Zenith
Contact Information:
telephone: 236-7800 x 3394

I have been teaching in a classroom in one form or another since 1990. I have always taught an alternative population. One of my major learning is that all students have a set of skills. For many of the students I teach, their skill set is not working for them in a positive way. My main role is to nurture and encourage those skills to work for them, rather than against them. 

I do this by developing a relationships for learning. I encourage students to figure out who they are, to believe in themselves, and to take risks as the rigor of their experience increases. The best way to build self esteem is to undertake a project that is challenging and successfully complete it. This takes committment, work, and time.

On a personal note, I live in Lincolnville on a tree farm with my brother, Mark, and my three children, Rand, 23, Michael 20, and Delia Nichols, 17. We co exist with our chickens, our dog, Ivy, and various critters that roam the fields. I also love to garden and spend countless hours in my gazebo as I look out at our handiwork.  If I'm not there in the summer, I'm soaking in the salt water at the beach.