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Jane Babik

High School Teacher
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telephone: 236-7800 x 3123

Mrs. Babik joined the faculty at CHRHS in August 2013 after four years spent teaching abroad in Austria, Canada, and the U.K.; seven years of teaching at Winslow High School; and a one-year stint as a library technician at Colgate University.  A native of Jackman, Maine, she is very happy to find herself in the midcoast area, able to enjoy the best of outdoor activities involving mountain, lake, and ocean.  In the past, Mrs. Babik has occupied herself with pursuits such as basketball, softball, dancing, ice skating, cycling, triathlon, and singing in a women's vocal ensemble; however, many of these are now on the holdshelf so she can focus on spending time with her two boys and their exploits.  As her husband is Czech, she's lucky to have the opportunity to travel to Europe every few years to visit his family, but she still hopes to do more exploring in the future, get back some of her lost language skills, and maybe incorporate her old passion for archaeology. Even though it's not always easy to take the plunge, Mrs. Babik likes to try new things, which in the past has led her to directing school plays, obtaining SCUBA diving certification, and possessing a motorcycle license.  As a result of her experiences, and through her love of literature, one of Mrs. Babik's biggest goals is to imbue her students with a genuine interest in the world, a thoughtfulness about their place in it, and an appreciation for the vast tapestry that comprises the whole range of human experience.  Mrs. Babik lives with her family in Appleton, where she cultivates her other hobbies of gardening and cooking--including forays into canning salsa, making yogurt, and crafting hundreds of chocolates for the holidays.