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Lab Chemistry
Mrs. Brassbridge
Room 311 - Period

This course serves as an introduction to the science of chemistry; it is for students in grades 11-12.  Upon successful completion of this course a student will earn 1.5 credits.  It fulfills the requirement of a year of chemistry for students applying to 4-year colleges.

Chemistry will be studied by seeking connections between the properties and structure of matter.  New concepts will generally be introduced via discussions and demonstrations, and then applied, reinforced and extended with a variety of team-based and individual labs, readings, and “paper” problems.

Topics covered in Lab Chemistry include the Periodic Table, Nomenclature, Chemical Bonding, Numbers and Measurements, the Mole, Chemical Equations, Stoichiometry, Solutions, Acids and Bases, the Gas Laws, Atomics, and  Nuclear Chemistry.


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Assignments are shared verbally in class and can be accessed by going to 

When you get to this website type in my last name (Brassbridge) and then click "view page" next to my name.  By clicking on a day within the calendar that pertains to your class you can view what we did that day in class as well as if there is any homework.