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Lab Physics
Mrs. Brassbridge
Room 311 - Period

This course provides an introduction to physics concepts, both conceptually and through the use of basic algebra.  Content is learned and practiced through hands-on activities that require observation, data collection, and analyses.  Topics will include kinematics, dynamics, energy, and basic electricity.


Mathematically, students should be proficient at solving algebraic equations for an unknown variable.  Students will be expected to complete some work at home, such as evaluating the results of activities completed in class and homework assignments.

Preferred Prerequisite: Students must have completed Algebra I with a recommended 80% or better.  Concurrent enrollment in Algebra II is strongly recommended.

Grading Policy:

Your grade will consist of lab work, tests and quizzes, concept checks and  assignments (concept checks are unannounced, open-note problems dealing with the current concepts).  Your quarter grade will be calculated as follows:  
Lab Work (50%), Tests and Quizzes (35%), Concept Checks and Assignments (15%).

*Late assignments, if accepted (i.e. labs are accepted late), will result in a grade reduction of 5%.  Assignments not accepted late will be given a grade of zero.

*There may be some assignments that are “ungraded” (these are usually take home assignments) which means I will come around to see how much of the assignment you completed, give you a grade for what you completed, and then we will review the assignment.  These “ungraded” assignments will be checked off as:  complete - 100, mostly complete – 90, partially complete - 80 or not complete - 0.  “Ungraded” work is not accepted late.



Assignments are shared verbally in class and can be accessed by going to 


When you get to this website type in my last name (Brassbridge) and then click "view page" next to my name.  By clicking on a day within the calendar that pertains to your class you can view what we did that day in class as well as if there is any homework.