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Spanish 4
Ms. Cote
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  1. Course Description: Spanish 4 is designed for the student who has successfully completed Spanish 3 and is enthusiastic about speaking, reading and writing in Spanish. Vocabulary acquisition continues to be a primary focus. Reading and writing assignments increase in length and complexity.  Students read abridged versions of classics such as Lazarillo de Tormes and Don Quijote as well as short stories, fables, poetry and a brief history of Mexico. After a review of the present, preterit, imperfect, future and conditional tenses, students will learn to use the perfect tenses. In the third quarter they will be introduced to present and imperfect subjunctive verbs.  Fourth quarter verbs focus on commands.  Much of the class is conducted in Spanish. Speaking and listening skills are strengthened through work in the Language Lab and interviews of Spanish speaking members of the community. 





  1. Intended Course Outcomes:  By the end of the course students can be expected to have an increased understanding of spoken Spanish, be able to speak and write using strings of sentences, identify the main idea and some supporting details of an informational text, plan and deliver a brief report on a self-selected topic, recognize noun and verb forms and how they function in the second language in relation to comparable elements in English.  (from Maine Learning Results)
Grading Policy:

Grading System

Quizzes:40% Quizzes will be given frequently and may be unannounced. They may be retaken within two weeks. Original and retake scores will be averaged.

Tests/Projects:35% Projects incorporate the cultural aspects of our learning and will often be hands on and student driven. Tests can be retaken once within two weeks of the original test/quiz date. Original and retake scores will be averaged.

Independent Work: 25% Independent work is due at the beginning of class. Students with consistent late assignments will be asked to stay after school and parents will be notified.  


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