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Spanish 1
Ms. Cote
Room - Period
Course Description/Rationale: This class is conducted in both Spanish and English with a focus to stay in the target language as much as possible.(with the intention of being in the target language 90% of the time in accordance with ACTFL recommendations) This class is for the student who is very enthusiastic and eager to begin using the Spanish language by praticing writing, reading, listening and speaking in the target language. There is a cultural component for each unit, special holidays will be covered and students will watch four films in Spanish during the year. The main goal of this course to increase their level of proficiency in the target language.
Course Topics:
Introduction to the World of Spanish
paired work
group work
homework assignments
quizzes and tests
proficiency conversations


Students are expected to speak, read and write in the Spanish language.  

Students need access and understanding to use an online dictionary.  I prefer

Each student is responsible for creating and maintaining reference materials in a three ring binder with five dividers. Students are to bring this notebook to class as well as their textbook, notebook paper and a pencil or pen.

Students are expected to maintain an accurate list of vocabulary and to review it daily.  In addition, students are expected to complete daily homework assignments on their own.  

Class time is spent on presentation of new material and on oral and group work.  

As class participation and attendance are very important if a student misses a class he/she must see the teacher and make up the work as quickly as possible so that he/she does not fall behind. The teacher is available for help before/after school and during study halls.

Grading Policy:

Grading System

Quizzes:40% Quizzes will be given frequently and may be unannounced. They may be retaken within two weeks. Original and retake scores will be averaged.

Tests/Projects:35% Projects incorporate the cultural aspects of our learning and will often be hands on and student driven. Tests can be retaken once within two weeks of the original test/quiz date. Original and retake scores will be averaged.

Independent Work: 25% Independent work is due at the beginning of class. Students with consistent late assignments will be asked to stay after school and parents will be notified.  


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